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Short Term Rental & Staging

Champion Sales and Lease offers short term furniture, appliance, and electronics rentals to individuals, families, and businesses. Here when you need us, whether it’s to make a home listed for sale shine in the eyes of potential buyers, to keep your new employee comfortable during a high stakes transition, or for any other purpose with high quality items, excellent service, and affordable pricing.


When walking through empty room after empty room of an uninhabited house it can be tough to form an emotional attachment to the space. If you are listing a property for sale consider “staging” the home, or redecorating the home for the short term purpose of presenting it in the best possible light to potential buyers. Staging a home can speed up the sale of a property and lead to an increase in the sales price of anywhere from two percent to as much as fifty percent.*

A cozy family room with plush couches leads to envisioning movie nights snuggled up with the kids enjoying a tub of popcorn. An elegant dining room invites plans for future dinner parties and holiday meals. A large, well made bed in the master bedroom shows the room as the relaxing retreat it can be. And when they see the big screen tv on the wall, house hunters can picture themselves gathered with friends for the big game. Show the home for what it is, not just four walls and a roof, but a place where memories will be made for years to come.

Homeowners and even real estate professionals are often surprised to learn how cost effective home staging through rentals from Champion Sales and Lease can be. Builders and developers – talk to us about furnishings for your model homes or units. Give us a call or stop by a store today to explore the possibilities and get started.


Need furnishings for a room, apartment, or even a large home for a short period of time? At Champion Sales and Lease we are happy to help. We offer short term rentals of electronics, furniture, and even appliances. This often comes in handy during times of transition, such as when relocating for a new position or on a short term assignment for work, during marital separations, or in an international move when shipments of belongings can be delayed. A well appointed living space, filled with all the comforts of home, can make one feel settled much sooner and this time period much more enjoyable.

For information on rentals for yourself or an employee contact Champion Sales and Lease at (317) 942-3234.

*Source: How ‘Staging’ a House Can Pay Off for Sellers – April 17, 2003 article in The Wall Street Journal

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