It’s summer cleaning time which means it’s time to donate all of those items you don’t use but are still in great shape. It’s that semi-yearly or yearly time to go through your home with fine tooth donating comb. And it’s always time to help those families who would be more than happy to use those gently used items.

Go through each room on the quest to donate. You can also use the time do a little cleaning as well.

In the bedroom, go through each drawer and each item in the closet. Find those clothing items you just don’t use and put it in a box dedicated to clothes. After purging dust the floors of your closets and wipe down each drawer. You’re taking clothes out so use the time to clean those spots.

If you have kids then it’s definitely time. Kids grow up and out of toys and clothes. And less fortunate kids who are younger need them. Go through their closets, drawers and under the bed to find all of those dusty but still very usable toys that will get played with. The toys and children will appreciate it. Think “Toy Story” and you’ll be motivated to do so.

The kitchen is a little trickier. Look at those items you just don’t use and many times it will be because their duplicate items. Put those items in another donation box.

Go through your garage for one purpose. To donate. What you’ll probably find are boxes ready to donate that you placed them prior.

Books. It’s time to donate all of those books that you have read. You’ve read them already so let someone else who may not have the extra money to spend on books but still needs to activate the mind through a good book.

Many families count on donated items to keep their budgets in check and their lives and homes fulfilled. So, no waiting, and do some donating now.